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Factors to consider before renting out your home

If you have inherited or bought a house, or upgraded to a bigger property in the last few years and...

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Maintaining and Building a Real Estate Investment Network

A large portion of your success in real estate investing is knowing and working with the...

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How to invest in Real Estate in your 20s

How To Start Investing In Real Estate Tip #1: Make Use of Your Time Time is both your enemy and...

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How Chatbots can generate Leads in Real Estate

Real estate agents are probably always busy. They are always around people providing services...

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How the Real Estate Industry Can Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Video for Sales

SNAPCHAT We’ve hyperbolized around Snapchat for so long and it is so obvious to us where the...

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Assets vs Liabilities

Karan is a licensed real estate broker/agent, real estate investor living in New Delhi,...

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